Microwave Quiche

5 Minutes


Preparation Time:


1 Serving

Rich in protein and fibre to keep you full for hours


Rich in protein and fibre to keep you full for hours


  • 2 eggs

  • ½ cup spinach

  • Shreded cheese

  • ¼ cup

  • Milk of your choice

  • ¼ cup


  • Salt and pepper, to taste

  • Lean ham, ¼ cup

  • Piece of bread or toast for extra fullness


  1. Rinse spinach thoroughly – eating unclean vegetables increases risk of developing E Coli or listeria infections!

  2. Add eggs into mug and whisk until one consistency

  3. Add all other ingredients and mix well

  4. Microwave in high heat for 2-3 minutes

  5. Enjoy!

Nutritional Value

  • Eggs are an excellent source of complete protein (aka containing all amino acids that our body cannot produce ourselves), iron, Vitamin B2, B5, B12, D, E, folate and more. Yes it has cholesterol, but studies have not shown an association between consumption and high cholesterol levels

  • Spinach is rich in fibre, iron, magnesium, calcium and folate