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Don't let the lock down bring us down - tips for healthy habits at home

COVID sucks, delta strain sucks. Our plans cancelled, work affected, and we are now at risk of a highly infectious virus.

With the longest lockdown we've had in Queensland, majority of our lives are more or less affected - staying at home more, gyms closed, moving less.

How should we look after our mental health in this difficult time?

How do I make sure I stay productive?

How do I keep my healthy habits in place, so that all my hard work in the past hasn't gone in vain?

This blog will talk about different lifestyle changes you can take in place at home! Future blogs will also discuss diet changes we can take place during lockdown.

1. Segregate your home

It is important to set your home up like a mini vacation cruise, and designate different areas for different activities with crossovers kept at minimum. This will help you to focus in your activities better. These are the areas I have set up in my home to help with segregation. They don't need to be big, just needs to be clearly separated from each other.

Leisure area: This is where you would relax, such as a quick nap, playing video games and watching your favourite shows. I try to not bring my work laptop to this area so that I could completely relax when I am enjoying my free time.

Work area: Where you do anything work or study related. I don't take any breaks here nor do I eat here (with an exception of coffee/tea to keep myself awake). This helps to focus entirely on work, and it also helps greatly on reducing food cravings.

Eating area: Where you would have any meals and snacks. While eating, try to stay focused with minimal distractions (e.g. not watching TV nor on the phone) so that there's mindfulness about the type and amount of foods you eat. This effectively prevents overeating as you are listening to your body for telling you when is enough!

You could have more areas than these three, or adjust the activities in these areas depending on what you do during the day. But segregation is crucial!

2. Write a schedule & to-do list

Even if you may be at home more these days, it is still important to write down a schedule to establish a routine. Make sure to display it somewhere - you are more likely to stick to a schedule and be more productive if you do!

Also write down a list of things you need to do this day, and rank them in importance - do the important ones first, the least important ones last.

This helps us to stay productive!

3. Look after your mental health and stay connected

We may be physically separated from everyone else, but thank goodness for technology that we can still connect virtually!

Staying connected with friends and family virtually so that we could all share your life updates - whether it be good or bad. Anything from a quick message to a video chat, or even some online games - could be good ways to stay connected to the outside world.

If you are experiencing hardships and your mental health is affected, be sure to reach out for professional guidance from a qualified psychologist or counsellor.

4. Stay active

Current QLD government guidelines (as of the time this blog is published) allows outdoor exercises within 10km of your home, so it could be a good way to get some activity (and vitamin D).

If you're not comfortable with going out, be sure to still schedule in a time for some exercises at home - whether it be some home workouts, dancing, yoga, walking up and down the stairs, body weight exercises, you name it!

What about my diet?

This blog focused on the lifestyle habits during lockdown. I am also planning to post a separate blog on healthy eating habits - stay tuned!!!

Stay safe,

Chelssie your dietitian


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