Want Nutritional Information but unsure whether LICK Nutrition is for you? 

Check out the following options before investing in a full consult!

Trial consult

  • 10 Minutes

  • Learn about the basics of health and nutrition 

  • Discuss any questions you may have

  • See if I'm the right fit for you

  • Find out how my approach can benefit you


No referral required

Short consult

  • 20-30 minutes

  • Learn about the basics of health and nutrition 

  • Discussion of your nutritional issues / goals 

  • Brief nutritional assessment

  • Basic nutrition education

  • Initial goal setting 

  • See if I'm the right fit for you 


* Medicare card holders only. GP referral required. Only suitable for people with eligible conditions (e.g. chronic disease or otherwise approved by GP)

* Private health insurance card holders may be eligible. Contact us for more information.

Premium consult

  • In-depth nutritional assessment

  • Individualised nutrition education and care plan 

  • Collaborative short-term and long-term goal setting (dietary and behavioural)

  • Choosing the best nutritional strategies to best meet your goals and sustain them in the long term  

  • Email and text support


Medicare rebate ($53.80) available upon GP referral.

Private health insurance rebate available depending on your provider.

Not an all-time offer. Offer ends at discretion of LICK Nutrition.